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Why all performance rotors are not created equally .

Why all performance rotors are not created equally ...

Some manufactures do not take the time to create a program specifically for the rotor in question. The result is that the machine has drilled though one of the cooling veins and has compromised the structural integrity of the rotor. SP Performance creates application-specific programs for every rotor that it manufactures - This insures performance, safety, and reliability.

Incorrect programming and layout can cause the drilling and slotting pattern to be non-symmetric.
To 'fill in the gap' additional randomly-spaced holes had to be inserted to 'make the rotor look right.'
This can create a situation where the rotor in question would be out of balance.

SP Performance ensures the highest quality and performance by creating application-specific
computer programs for every rotor that it produces. All SP Performance rotors are custom machined by highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians, and the rotors are computer balanced after manufacturing.
It takes a little bit longer and may cost a bit more, but- ask yourself...... What would you rather be riding around on?

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